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LUBBOCK, Texas — A Lubbock family is in need of help from the community to get a service dog for their 3-year-old who was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

In August, Liam and his family learned of his diagnosis after he was rushed to the emergency room.

Liam’s mom, Krystal Deleon said she noticed months prior to the diagnosis that Liam had been drinking a lot of water and brought it up to his doctor, but it was brushed off due to his young age. Deleon really knew something wasn’t right when she went to hug Liam and noticed he had lost weight.

Liam’s parents took him to urgent care where he was rushed by an ambulance to Covenant Medical Center.

Life since Liam’s diagnosis has been “constant worry” Deleon said. Liam’s dad, Jeremy Mayo said that they are on a “strict schedule, making sure they are checking his blood sugar at the right times.”

Deleon has spent time researching ways to help Liam since his diagnosis. One solution Deleon found was a service dog to detect and alert Liam and his parents when his levels aren’t where they should be.

Getting a service dog is a solution that Liam’s parents believe is “worth every penny.” Liam’s parents set up a GoFundMe to raise money to make their hopes of getting a service dog possible.

The animal would be able to notify Liam and his family overnight when his blood sugar reaches dangerous levels, which could save his life. With the family having such an active lifestyle, a service dog would be huge for Liam’s health, Mayo said.

The dog would first go through a year of training with constant visits and contact with Liam and his family, his parents said.

Mayo described Liam as an “amazing 3-year-old” and a “bundle of joy.”

If you would like to donate to the family’s GoFundMe, click here.