SLATON, Texas— The mother of a Slaton ISD student demanded the school district be held accountable at a school board meeting on Thursday night.

JaQuatta Manahan showed her frustration for Slaton ISD after she said her children were the victims of racial discrimination. previously reported Manahan’s daughter was sent to DAEP for 45 days after she “snapped” and defended herself against a white student who repeatedly called her the “n-word.” The incident made her daughter suicidal, according to Manahan.

She also said she made numerous complaints to the school district with little to no action taken.

“This is how they do it on the plantation. They snatch the platform because they do not want y’all to know the dirty act they are doing.”

The “dirty act” is in reference to racial allegations that were against Slaton ISD and other West Texas school districts that made national headlines in December 2022.

“The things [Slaton ISD has] done mentally, physically, emotionally. Y’all broke my children. I need some damn accountability,” Manahan said.

During the meeting, Manahan claimed the school officials didn’t include her in making decisions about her children.

“I asked you to put on your big boy drawers, and sit at the table and have a conversation,” Manahan said. “This is y’alls leader and he continues to lie.” 

At the meeting, Manahan said a teacher wrote a letter apologizing for the racial discrimination and claimed the school district had not apologized.

Earlier this month, Slaton ISD passed a resolution that stated, “The Board of Trustees publicly condemns any acts of students or staff who might use racial slurs or harass or bully other students.”

The resolution also said consequences for students using racial slurs would “increase from an immediate office referral to three days of [in school suspension.]”