LUBBOCK, Texas- Amid a nationwide surge, Lubbock County is also seeing a rise in cases, the Lubbock County Health Department said on Monday. To combat this, the Biden Administration and local health officials will continue testing and vaccination efforts.

For a few days, “we actually had zero cases here in Lubbock,” said Katherine Wells, the Director of Public Health.

Without accounting for unreported, positive, at-home test results, Lubbock County is now seeing an average of 20 cases each day. Health officials said it might not get much higher than that.

“Some of the experts I’ve spoken to at the state level think that we have enough immunity here in Texas– both with the mix of vaccines and those who had natural infection during those huge Omicron surges,” Wells explained.

At the peak of the Omicron surge, Lubbock County saw more than 200 individuals hospitalized with COVID. Today, there are only four.

The health department said it is still closely monitoring hospitalizations.

“We don’t want to get to a point where our hospitals are full like we’ve seen in the past,” Wells said.

Last week, President Biden announced residential households are now allowed to order up to 16 free, at-home COVID tests. Previously, households could only order eight.

“I was able to order my first round of COVID test kits and they came to my house very quickly,” she shared.

To order free, at-home COVID test kits, click here.

“It’s just really important for those at risk, those that are working with high risk individuals, such as employees at nursing homes, or individuals that have underlying conditions to make sure that they are up to date on those vaccines,” Wells said. “And then also consider taking those extra precautions.”

The Lubbock County Health Department said booster shots will be available to children ages five and older beginning Tuesday, May 24. Wells said children must wait at least five months after their last vaccine to be eligible for the booster.

The health department is located at 806 18th St. in Lubbock.