LUBBOCK, Texas – It’s been over two years since the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the world, and local businesses are still taking the hit. To help with finances, the American Rescue Plan Act is funding the “Lubbock Businesses Bounce Back” program. 

The program launched on May 23rd and currently has over 150 applications sent in. It was brought up by the City of Lubbock, who teamed up with South Plains Association of Governments who is now operating the program.

To be eligible for the grant, a business must be located within city limits and operating for at least one year, and could not have previously received any pandemic funding.

Kelly Davila with SPAG said, “As soon as a small business is approved, they’ll receive a grant agreement, and a W-9 so that everything is collected on the front end.”

Then, based on the businesses tax return, the grant ranges from $5,000-$20,000.

Ishmael Hernandez Jr. has owned Broadway Barbershop for 30 years and was approved for the grant. He said he plans to use it for various repairs in his shop. 

“It’s gonna go a long way. It could do some stuff that I’ve been wanting to do, like a new door, maintenance, new chairs… It’s a big help,” he said. 

The application process is all online and can be found here.