LUBBOCK Texas – The Lubbock Central Appraisal District is actively working to solve a recent upload failure that has resulted in doubling the value of some homes. 

When a zip file with information wasn’t successfully uploaded, those at LCAD tried to re-upload the file. When that happened, it actually doubled the improvements instead of just putting in one house. Meaning, they ended up charging two houses for one. 

Robert Wilburn caught on to the mistake this week, and immediately reported it to LCAD who said they took care of the issue right away. They believed around 30 houses were affected by the glitch, and they are working to correct any others. 

Tim Radloff with LCAD said this is the first time something like this has happened. He believed it was just one batch of homes that had been affected. 

He said, “If you do see two improvements that you don’t have on your property, you know, certainly give us a call or something that we can correct.”

Wilburn explained, “It’s very important for everybody to check and see what size your house truly is and check with LCAD, to make sure that you’re being taxed appropriately.”

To check the valuation of a home and make sure there is no double charge, visit LCAD’s website.