LUBBOCK, Texas– Lubbock Christian University moved in one of largest Freshman classes in recent years according to President Dr. Scott McDowell.

It was an exciting day for incoming students at LCU as they moved into Katie Rogers and Johnson Residence Halls.

LCU Alumni Kent Mereness says community is central in the lives of these new students especially arriving on a college campus at 18 years old.

“I just remember standing in one of these lobbies about twenty years ago and LCU made a great impact on my life,” Mereness said. “I think twenty years from now a lot of these students will be saying the same thing.”

Administration, faculty and current students helped welcome the incoming freshman unloading boxes, furniture and clothes.

President Scott McDowell says community is a big part of the campus and the students are experiencing it first-hand.

“Relationships start getting formed immediately. You got teams out here; you got different clubs out here and it’s just one of those situations where everybody feels welcomed,” McDowell said.
“There is a lot of butterflies but it’s a great time to get a fresh start we are very excited about that.”

McDowell says the residence halls are full and the close proximity of students allow community to form as their new home away from home.

This day is also a way to calm the mixed emotions parents and students might feel.

“We really are going to care deeply about the students this is a very welcoming place,” McDowell said. “I like to say we do a handmade education. It’s very custom made, very connected. We want to have a relationship with our students.”

Classes start for all students Monday, August 21.