Lubbock Christian University’s Women’s basketball team won the NCAA Division 2 National Championship in 2015 and officials said it brought more than an award to the University.

Some argue this championship put the private university on the map.

The Lady Chaps’ Head Coach Steve Gomez said he hopes this brings exposure to what LCU is all about.

“There’s a family atmosphere here,” Gomez said. “It’s got a small school feel but it also has a big time feel athletically so it’s just a good combination.”

LCU officials said the school is growing and has about 2,000 students enrolled for Fall 2016. Coach Gomez has coach women’s basketball at LCU for over fourteen years and described the school as a hidden gem.

“I think it’s sort of sadly a hidden gem of this part of the state of Texas is this University because of the leadership we have, just the student body, the environment on campus. It’s a blessed place,” Gomez said.

However. Gomez said the real story is the team off the court.

“If people knew the quality of kids we had, the servant leaders these girls are to their teammates, to their school, to the community, that’s what special about this place,” Gomez said. “Is the players, their sacrificial spirit, their excellence in the classroom.”