LUBBOCK, Texas — The Refuge Lubbock church served up freshly squeezed lemonade on Friday, even as it poured down rain. This is the church’s fifth year running the stand at the South Plains Fair.

Shaun Slaughter makes lemonade for the stand. He said there are many ingredients that go into making the best lemonade at the fair.

“This lemonade is made with lots of sugar, lots of lemon, lots of love and a whole lot of Jesus,” Slaughter said. “It is outstanding to make.”

The stand attracts long lines, even in the rain.

Brian Malloy, pastor at The Refuge, said the proceeds help their church.

“It’s hand made so it’s not out of a dispensary,” Malloy said. “When we said we were gonna make lemonade, we didn’t realize how much work goes into it.”

The staff at the stand hand shake their lemonade, and place whole strawberries and pieces of lemon on top.

Brek Kjosa said one of his favorite parts of the fair is the lemonade.

“It’s the best lemonade I’ve ever had, actually,” Kjosa said. “Last year I came out here just for the lemonade.”

Malloy said without the fair, the church would not be able to afford things like school supplies, and some of the money goes towards paychecks as well.

“We count on it. There’s things we wouldn’t be able to do if we didn’t do this every year,” Malloy said. “We like to come out and be around the people and we’ve gotten to meet people and they start coming to our church just because of the fair.”