LUBBOCK, Texas – Thousands of Red Raiders walking the stage this weekend for graduation, but not all of them are lined up with careers once they throw the cap.

The University Career Center on campus helps prepare students in various ways for life after graduation. Jay Killough, the managing director for the center said they have good turnout throughout the year due to the career fairs and other events they put on. 

“Anything from document critiques like resume critiques, cover letters, personal statements, we do mock interviews,” he explained. 

He said about 75% of students have some sort of idea what they will be doing after graduation. Normally, that’s either going straight into employment or grad school. 

However, not every student has it mapped out like that. The Career Center understands this, which is why they’re also a needed resource for alumni. See Hire Red Raiders.

“We provide the resources to help students make better decisions when it comes to their graduation and what they’re going to do after graduation,” Killough added. 

For more information on the other ceremonies going on this weekend, click here. The University Career Center also has more information on what they do here on their website.