A Lubbock family’s video has gone viral of their 4-year-old daughter’s commentary while a “horned toad” was eating ants.
“The last time I looked there were over 540,000 views and over 11,000 shares,” Tonya Bohannon, the mother of Bailey Bohannon said.
Tonya said several of the comments on Facebook are people reflecting on memories they had with these toads, since they are a declining species. She said this is the first time she has ever seen one of them.
“A lot of people are commenting on them saying they played with them when they were little or they had them all over their yard. They are just commenting on just how few and far between seeing these toads today,” Tonya said.
They said they found the toad in their backyard over a week ago and they’ve decided to name it Spikey.
“Because he has these little spiky things that can be a little bit spiky and that can hurt some people,” Bailey said.

Dr. Gad Perry, a local Herpetologist said “horned toads” is just a nickname for these animals, their real name is the Texas Horned Lizards.