Local farmer says heavy rain this year beneficial for crops


LUBBOCK, Texas — One local farmer shared his thoughts on the heavy rainfall West Texas has gotten this year after experiencing drought in previous years.

Steven Brosch said he owns thousands of acres of land to grow crops and said more rain could be better, but he is thankful for what he’s gotten.

“Farmers feed and clothe the world–that’s how the rest of us survive around here,” Brosch said. “Cotton is king just because we are a more arid area. We don’t have certain rainfall that other areas do.”

According to Brosch, over the last three years, farmers have struggled, and a lot of them are in debt. He said they need a good crop to help them.

“If we can have good weather in September and October months, we can do all right, and not only will it help us farmers, but it’ll spread throughout the community,” Brosch said. “Most business in town can tell when farmers have good crops or bad crops.”

Farmers are constantly working year-round, and even though crops grow parts of the year, farmers understand that every rain could be the last one for a while.

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