LUBBOCK, Texas– One person was injured after an altercation led to a shooting in Central Lubbock in the early morning of September 17, according to a Lubbock Police Report.

Officers responded to an apartment complex in the 1300 block of 65th Street for a report of shots fired, according to the report.

When officers arrived on scene, they located the victim, who was awake and alert after being shot in the leg and was getting ready to be transported to University Medical Center by EMS.

Police said they met with the victim at UMC and found out more details about what led to the shooting.

Police said the victim was outside the apartment complex hanging out with his family when an unidentified suspect arrived.

The suspect said he wanted to fight another man that was at the apartment complex. However, the victim told the suspect he could not or would not provide the identity of the man he wanted to fight, the report states.

Then, the police report said the suspect began firing rounds toward the group of people outside the apartment. Other witnesses on scene said they did not see anything, however.

The victim told police he did not know who the suspect was, nor did he care for the suspect, according to the report.

Police did not have an updated description of the suspect by Monday.