LUBBOCK, Texas– Six suspects had not been located after a police report said a woman had a gun pointed and shot at her when attempting to drive away from her Central Lubbock home.

At 10:40 p.m. Friday, Lubbock Police responded to a shots-fired call at 1901 69th Street, the report said.

The woman told police she was in her vehicle parked in her driveway. She said a suspect walked up to her vehicle and used a handgun to tap on her window, the report said.

According to the report, the woman put her vehicle in reverse and attempted to leave her driveway. She then drove to the 6800 block of Avenue S and called 911.

The woman said she saw the first suspect, as well as another one by her house. The first suspect pointed a handgun in her direction and discharged twice, striking her vehicle, the report said.

Then, the woman saw six suspects running eastbound down the south alley of 69th Street, the report said.

According to police, the woman was not injured, but her vehicle was struck with gunfire.

None of the suspects were located Monday, police said.