William Rembis versus Fox News was put on hold last week by a federal judge in Lubbock. 

Rembis sued on October 28 for $10 million. He claimed that foxnews.com filed a report about him under the category of sex crimes. 

Rembis and his family made national news for their dispute with Texas Children’s Protective Services.  There were allegations that the Rembis children ate food from a garbage dumpster, but there were no allegations at the time concerning sexual abuse.

Fox News declined comment after the lawsuit.

Last week, Senior U.S. District Court Judge Sam Cummings determined that Rembis filed for bankruptcy before suing Fox News. 

The judge said the lawsuit “is the property of the bankruptcy estate.”

Rembis cannot pursue the lawsuit without permission from the bankruptcy court.  So the lawsuit is not thrown out, but it was put on hold.