Family marks 10 year anniversary of Alex Brown’s fatal texting and driving accident

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LUBBOCK, Texas — This week marks 10 years since Alex Brown died in a texting and driving crash.

“That was the hardest thing that I’ve ever had to deal with and there was no reason to have to deal with it,” said her mother, Jeanne Brown.

Jeanne Brown has lived a decade without her daughter.

“She was texting and driving on the way to school,” Brown said.

According to DPS, it takes three to six seconds to respond to a text. In that time, while driving, a person covers the length of a football field.

“Nobody realized how much distance they’re covering and how many things can happen in that short amount of time,” Brown said.

Not a second goes by that she doesn’t remember that day.

The Brown’s made it their mission to show teens across the country what texting and driving can do.

“It really doesn’t matter how old you are or how long you’ ve been driving, we all have the same type of distractions,” Brown said.

The family also pushed for state law to ban texting and driving. They tried multiple times to get it passed and finally it went into effect two years ago. However, DPS says it’s been hard to enforce.

“Especially at highway speeds, it’s hard to tell,” said Johhny Bures with DPS.

Although the Brown family is more than grateful for all the support, they’re moving out to the country to live.

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