HOBBS, N.M. — The warrant for Mary Johnson, a mother accused of stabbing her 11-year-old son in Hobbs before stabbing herself in the chest, revealed that her son hid a bat under his sheets for protection from her.

Bruce Johnson, Jr., died July 10, after being taken to a hospital in Hobbs. His father told deputies with the Lea County Sheriff’s Office that he woke up when he heard his son screaming. He found his son with a kitchen knife still in his back, the warrant said.

Mary Johnson was found in the kitchen with multiple self-inflicted stab wounds, LCSO said in an earlier statement.

According to the warrant, his father told deputies he would commonly find items such as a baseball bat under Bruce’s sheets.

When asked, Bruce told his father, “Don’t take my bat dad that’s for my protection from mom,” the warrant said. His father told deputies that Mary had, on more than one occasion, jumped on Bruce’s chest while he was sleeping.

“When he awoke, she would tell him, ‘I’m gonna give you a heart attack,'” the warrant said.

His father told deputies he made several police reports in Marshall County, Oklahoma, where the family used to live before moving to Hobbs.