LUBBOCK, Texas — Phase one has begun in TxDOT’s expansion of 114th Street, a representative told KLBK News on Tuesday.

“That is the area between Quaker Avenue and Norfolk, and so that portion of the roadway is going to be down to one lane in each direction with a continuous left turn lane for the next several months,” said TxDOT Public Information Officer for Lubbock Dianah Ascencio.

Crews were in the area yesterday setting up barriers and restriping the street to move traffic to the south side of the road, which includes the eastbound lanes.

The City of Lubbock said on Tuesday that this expansion from two to five lanes comes after 10 years of “significant growth” in the area.

“It was a two-lane road, and it was offset. So, when you get to Memphis, there’s a jog, and that’s kind of dangerous at night. It looks like you’ve got cars coming straight at you and just the development that’s occurred in this area is more than what a two-lane road can sustain,” said City Engineer Mike Keenum.

The city said people can also expect to see a temporary but complete closure of the area in between Memphis and Indiana, but that will probably be sometime next summer.

 “We’ve been working with the school district, so they can plan their bus routes accordingly through there for Cooper. It’ll definitely be an inconvenience to the public, but we can build it a whole lot faster if we can shut down that full half mile,” Keenum stated.

TxDOT noted that intersections will widen to seven lanes.

“We’ll have a 10-foot shared-use bike and pedestrian path on the south side, between Quaker and Indiana, so that we can have bicyclists and people that are walking have a safe passage there,” Keenum explained.

Until the project is finished, the speed limit will be lowered to 40 MPH with speeding fines doubled in the work zone.

“We have estimated about 18 months of construction,” TxDOT said.

Lubbockites have the chance to vote on projects like this in the future, “which is why there’s a bond election out there – for citizens to get out and vote for or against the bond election,” Keenum shared.

The $200 million road bond will be on the November ballot but will not include changes to Broadway.