LUBBOCK, Texas — The booster club for Coronado High School’s basketball team is selling bracelets to help one of its coaches with the medical costs of his son’s cancer treatments.

Coach Chris Flickinger told on Wednesday that his son Dax, 12, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma, considered a rare type of cancer for children.

Prior to being diagnosed, Dax was a 6th grader at Evans Middle School who was very active, according to his father. Flickinger said Dax ran two miles around his neighborhood “just for fun” days before his diagnosis.

Dax became ill with what his family thought was a stomach bug and was taken to a Lubbock hospital. The 12-year-old was tested for “every disease under the sun” and was eventually given a CT scan, which showed a softball-sized tumor on his stomach, according to Flickinger.

Dax was later given a PET scan, which showed tumors all over his body. Flickinger said doctors recommended the 12-year-old be given “some very aggressive rounds of chemo.”

According to Flickinger, Dax must go through 30 hours of chemotherapy a week for an extended period of time. Dax recently finished his second round of chemotherapy and has lost 40 pounds since beginning treatment.

Flickinger said a GoFundMe was created for Dax in addition to the booster club’s fundraiser.

If you or anyone you know would like to donate to Dax’s GoFundMe, click here. If you would like to purchase a bracelet for CHS’s booster club, click here.