LUBBOCK, Texas – Colton Carey is an ambitious 13-year-old with a passion for helping others. His family said he was blessed with the gift of encouragement.

“Helping people. I just think it’s fun to me. I encouraged my brother a lot, like when he plays sports, baseball and soccer and I also want to encourage my friends at school,” said Colton Carey. 

Colton lost the ability to walk at the age of 8, battling Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, his family worked hard to get the necessary equipment needed for Colton’s medical needs. 

“We had to find mobility for him. So we went through the process of first starting off with a standard wheelchair, and then we went to this power chair and our adaptive van to get him around. So we know how hard it is to try to get those things,” said Rachel Carey, Colton’s mother and President of Colton’s Encouragement. 

Colton and his family then became inspired to uplift other children just like him by creating “Colton’s Encouragement”, a non profit organization focused on helping physically disabled individuals in need of medical equipment they are unable to afford. 

“We’ve just seen how difficult it is and so we just want to help other people to be able to get those things especially if they can’t afford it because a lot of these things aren’t covered under insurance,” said Rachel. 

Colton’s Encouragement has provided families with adaptive vans, wheelchairs, walkers and medical strollers. 

“We were also able to help a little girl just get a walker, she’s never walked in her life and we were able to get a walker for her and then her physical therapist was able to take over and help her be able to walk,” said Rachel. 

Colton’s family hopes to help more individuals in need through their organization. “He’s an encourager. It’s his God given gift and so he is able to use this gift to help others,” said Rachel. 

For more information on Colton’s Encouragement or to donate you can visit their website here.