While most kids are out playing through their summer vacation, one 13-year-old boy from Lubbock is outdoors helping out his parents on these hot summer days. 

Estevan Aguilar, the 13-year-old boy in question, said he has some different summer plans and is out mowing people’s lawns. 

“[Kids my age] usually play Fortnite, or play on their XBox,” Aguilar said. “I just wanted to get off my butt and do something productive, and then productive turned into this idea.”

“For awhile now he’s been asking me for a lawnmower, and my dad actually got him a lawn mower a couple of weeks ago,”  said Evalena Castro, his mom. 

Aguilar said he is doing it for more than just to have a little extra cash in his pocket. 

“We’re in a position right now, where we can’t really get the stuff we need for the upcoming school year,” Aguilar said. 

He said he wants to make sure his younger siblings have new shoes, backpacks and whatever else they need for school.

“I’ve been sick, we don’t know the reasons why, but I haven’t been working and I guess he just took it upon himself to say, ‘hey mom, let me step up, let me help you,’” Castro said. 

Aguilar said his siblings mean a lot to him.

“To see them go to the school year without the stuff other kids have, I’ve had that feeling,” Aguilar said. 

He said he even wants to help other families in need too.

“We might not have a lot, but when we do I’d like to give to others to make their childhood fulfilled, I’d like to give because I’ve been in the position, I am in the position,” Aguilar said. 

If anyone is interested in getting their lawn mowed by Estevan, his mom said to contact her through her Facebook page. 

She said to send her a direct message on Facebook:  www.facebook.com/evalena.moreno.3