LUBBOCK, Texas — 16-year-old Ariana Lucio has worked at the United Supermarkets on 4th Street and Milwaukee Avenue as sacker since May, and Sunday night when she went in for her shift, it started out like any normal night.

But then, about an hour into her shift, she was returning a cart to the store when that changed.

“Guys just pulled up and a guy just jumped out of the car and just hit me in the head with an object while I wasn’t looking,” Ariana said. “I just collapsed and I just didn’t know what to do.”

After she collapsed she says the car drove away and she eventually ran screaming inside the store, and then, once inside, she called her parents.

“So, I’m on the phone just like, hang in there, hang in there. I’m right down the street, I’m in the parking lot, I’m here,” said Ariana’s father, Jeremy Lucio.

Jeremy said witnesses told them later the car was a gold Tahoe and inside were a group of young boys. Her family is now desperate to find those who committed what they believe to be a random act.

“It could have happened to anybody. We are just glad that she’s safe. We are believing for justice and that they will be found,” said Jeremy.

However, while United has been working with police on this case, Jeremy believed they should have been more mindful of the safety of the teenagers that work at night.

“Maybe step it up more on the security part of it for the safety of the people and the employees,” he said. “Maybe a better security system or security patrol.”

United released a statement Wednesday and said they’re adding more security in their parking lots in addition to working with police.

“The safety of our team members and our guests is our top priority, and we are saddened by the news of this senseless act,” United said. “We have been in touch with the family to offer our support and are thankful that our team member was not seriously injured. Our company is bolstering the security in our parking lots and working closely with the Lubbock Police Department on their active investigation.”

According to the LPD, no arrests have been made yet in this case, but the family asked that anyone with tips help them make sure those who assaulted their daughter don’t get away with it.

But for Ariana, she said she’s not going to let this stop her.

“I feel okay going back and working there again,” she said. “I’m still scared to go outside by myself out there, but I feel like I’ll overcome it.”

Anyone with information on this crime can call Crimeline at 806-741-100 or the Lubbock Police Department at 806-775-2865.