LUBBOCK, Texas — The Lubbock City Council unanimously approved a Bond last week that is looking to change infrastructure and improve city streets.

“It’s probably overdue just because it’s been so long since our last city street bond,” said Kyle Jacobson, Vice President of Government Relations for the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce. 

It’s a $174.5 million bond that would go to fixing 13 different streets around Lubbock by rebuilding them or widening them. 

“Some of them are short segments. If you look at the miles it may only be a half mile or four mile stretches, three mile stretches. One of the main ones being on Broadway,” said Jacobson. 

But with the number of businesses and events on Broadway, it begs the question: Would this new bond replace the bricks? 

“It’s kind of an iconic look for Lubbock,” said Jacobson. 

The bond proposes that new bricks or concrete pavers made to look like bricks be used when replacing the road.

“It’s sometimes not the smoothest ride when you are driving downtown but there is a lot of history behind it. They have been there for 100 years or longer,” said Jacobson.  

For some folks like Zachery Hermes who works on Broadway, that news comes as a relief.

“I like the brick roads. I think it makes a nice historic look and it’s not hurting anybody. I wouldn’t get rid of them,” said Hermes.  

This bond would be funded through a small increase in tax rates, around 1-3 cents.

$42 million from the bond would go to replacing all of Broadway. The other $133 million would go to replace sections of 34th Street or widening sections of roads like 114th Street or Milwaukee Avenue. 

But Jacobson said repairs to these roads are needed to keep Lubbock’s entire infrastructure strong.

“The Chamber has always advocated for anything that enhances public safety or mobility. There is a lot of geographic balance across the entire city. All corners I think are addressed by this proposal so it would kind of enhance all corners of Lubbock,” said Jacobson. 

It’s been 12 years since the last city street bond package. This bond election is set to happen in November of 2021.