LUBBOCK, Texas – A second overpass, this time Interstate 27 at Regis Street, was confirmed by TxDOT (the Texas Department of Transportation) as damaged on Monday. Over the weekend, a social media post (which went locally viral) raised concern about the safety of the overpass along I-27 at FM 1294.

As for the Regis Street overpass, TxDOT said crews have known about visible damage for a couple weeks. TxDOT said crews have been adding concrete to the damaged portion but limiting it to 6 cubic feet at a time so as to not cause more damage. Another batch of concrete will be added next week.

Aside from the Regis Street and FM 1294 overpasses, TxDOT was not aware of any other bridges in need of repair.

In both cases, the overpasses suffered damage from recent heavy rains. And in both cases, TxDOT said the overpasses remained safe for the traveling public.