According to a police report, three dogs were left for up to a week inside a home with no food, water or air conditioning.

Police were called to the 300 block of Beech Avenue on Friday. The police report said the former tenant was evicted from the home sometime around July 16.

“The temperature outside had been in excess of 100 degrees for the past several days, and there was no air conditioning inside the residence,” a police report said.

“The temperature inside the residence was very high, easily in excess of 100 degrees,” the police report said. “The house smelled very strongly of both urine and feces and I observed cockroaches on numerous surfaces in the house.”

The police report said there was a male dog, a female and a puppy. 

“The puppy was very thin and was panting heavily due to the extreme heat inside the residence and the lack of water in the room that the dogs were closed in,” the police report said. “The older female dog was in similar condition.”

Police and Lubbock Animal Control Services removed the dogs from the home “to be medically evaluated and treated.” 

The police report concludes that the former resident “intentionally abandoned three dogs inside a residence in extreme heat for a period of approximately a week.”

No charges or citations were filed as of Monday, according to LPD.