35,000 pounds of food donated to South Plains Food Bank

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LUBBOCK, Texas — The South Plains Food Bank received a 35,000-pound food donation Tuesday from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

The donation included boxes of ground beef, pork and tubs of butter that Jeff Nicholas with the Church said comes from their farms.

“I don’t know about you–I’ve been to the store lately; food is not cheap, but we are, hopefully with this donation, be able to relieve some of that burden,” said Nicholas. “This doesn’t come with strings attached or anything of that nature. It is simply furthering the mission of love, love your neighbor as yourself and as the savior would.”

Dina Jefferies, CEO of South Plains Food Bank, said this donation is much needed in the South Plains.

“Protein is a product we don’t get on a consistent basis, so it’s really important to those we serve to receive this product. This will go directly go into our Christmas boxes and will be serving several on the South Plains,” said Jefferies, “…. any time we can receive such an amazing donation, such as protein, we are just so grateful, and we know it will really bless so many people.”

Jefferies said along with the donation, she invites people to participate in helping feed families in the South Plains through volunteerism or donations.

“[For volunteers], we are blessed with a lot of spacing here, so social distancing [is possible] we can work outside on good weather days, so that’s never a problem for us,” said Jefferies.”[For donors] every dollar you donate, we can turn that into three nutritious meals for families.”

Click here to volunteer or donate to the South Plains Food Bank.

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