LUBBOCK, Texas – This year is 4-year-old Olivia Anders’s first Halloween. She was born with Cerebral Palsy and just had surgery on both of her hips so she is double cast and not mobile.

“We had to do something with the stroller to make it fun and exciting for her,” said Jason Anders, Olivia’s dad.

Jason and a group of his co-workers worked on her spider costume for weeks.

“Making sure Olivia felt as much as a part of Halloween as every other kid,” said Tray Johnson, Jason’s co-worker.

They finished the project in time for their neighborhood Halloween party.

“You won the contest, you had the best costume,” said Jason.

“She enjoyed being queen for a day,” said Chelsea Anders, Olivia’s mom.

Olivia might have a difficult time communicating verbally but when she was in that spider costume, they said everyone knew how she felt.

“When it was time to get in it and ride the spider as we say she was just smiles all night. I don’t think she smiled for two and a half hours consistently I don’t remember the last time. It was terrific,” said Jason.

On Halloween, she will be in Dallas finally getting her cast off but they say this is only the first of many homemade costumes for Olivia.