LUBBOCK, Texas– The South Plains Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals took to social media Friday regarding a hoarding situation between Lubbock and Idalou with 40 dogs and pleaded with the community to help foster or take in the dozens that remained at the non-profit organization.

“We were notified of a very sad hoarding situation yesterday. All of the dogs are in fair condition, some have hair loss due to fleas and some have possibly a little mange, but most are okay physically and sweet dogs. Sometimes people just get in over their head and do not know where to get help,” the statement said.

The man counted up to 40 corgi/heeler/chihuahua/shepherd-mixed dogs needing help, the non-profit said.

According to the statement, the man attempted to reach out to Lubbock Animal Services, the Lubbock Police Department, several surrounding shelters and many other places just to be turned away.

“He was told some of the rudest most hateful things people can say about dogs such as to just take them to the country and let them loose, tie them up so people will feel sorry for them and save them, just to leave the gate open to the property to let them go, etc! He could not morally do this and posted everywhere for help,” the statement said.

According to the non-profit, 10 puppies were safe at a rescue, 10 adult dogs were headed to another rescue and the rest needed to be adopted or fostered.

“If you foster or adopt through South Plains SPCA we will cover all medical expenses, vaccinations, microchip, spay or neuter, heartworm tests, etc,” the statement said.

For more information, contact SPCA at