LUBBOCK, Texas — Just before 11 p.m. Wednesday, Lubbock Police Department responded to the Marsha Sharp Freeway and I-27 to reports of a car crash, LPD said.

According to LPD, five people were injured.

The following is a press release from Lubbock Police Department:

The Major Crash Investigation Unit is investigating an overnight crash that occurred in the 200 block of the Marsha Sharp Freeway Westbound Access Road.

An Infiniti G35 was traveling westbound in the 200 block of the Marsha Sharp Freeway Access Road. A second vehicle, a truck tractor with a trailer attached, was disabled on the side of the access road facing westbound. The driver of the tractor trailer was outside of the vehicle when the Infiniti collided into the back of the trailer. 

The driver of the Infiniti, 19-year-old Monique Ross, and four passengers were transported to UMC. One passenger of the Infiniti suffered serious injuries. 

The Major Crash investigation is ongoing.