LUBBOCK, Texas — Soluna Computing, Inc. expects to have a data center up and running soon near Lubbock, according to documents on the company website and official filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Soluna website called it “Project Dorothy” and described it as a 50-megawatt data center “in Texas, under construction. SPECIAL NOTE: The original SEC filing said Lubbock, but the company provided an update and said it would be Silverton, which was described as “near Lubbock.” This story has been updated to reflect the change.

“What is it?

“We build modular, scalable data centers that convert wasted renewable energy into computing power for intensive, batchable applications such as cryptocurrency mining, AI [artificial intelligence], and machine learning,” the company website said.

Crypto mining is the process of using computers to solve very complex problems to validate cryptocurrency. Miners earn Bitcoins or other forms of currency as a reward.

According to Texas Standard, a similar facility in Dickens County by another company, Argo Blockchain, will create 20 full-time jobs. Information about job creation by Dorothy has not been publicly released.

Dorothy tries to solve two problems at the same time. Cryptocurrency mining is energy-intensive (as are other types of big computing projects). At the same time, some wind farms produce more power than the electric grid can accept. Sometimes a lack of demand also leaves a massive wind farm with stranded power.

The higher-price power still goes to the grid, according to the Project Dorothy website. But the stranded power can stay with Dorothy for Bitcoin mining or other computing projects.

“This site is connected to a wind farm with loads of excess energy. The target to go live is Q1-2022,” Soluna said.

And while the specific location has not been released, an official SEC filing said “‘Project Dorothy’ means a 50 MW data center project tied into a 150 MW wind farm located in Lubbock, Texas [Silverton, which is northeast of Lubbock].” Dorothy was also described as the company’s flagship project.

“Pre-construction activity for the first 50MW of our Dorothy Project is complete and anticipate breaking ground on this flagship facility this month,” the company said in February.

“That’s terribly exciting and really provides the next leg of growth for our company,” said Michael Toporek, the Chief Executive Officer of Soluna Holdings.

The project is named for Dorothy Vaughan who was an African American mathematician who worked for NASA.

“There’s a wind farm in Texas that has some real problems. We’re solving them with the mindset we imagine Dorothy would use,” the project website said.

A spokesperson for Soluna told on Wednesday that the company could not comment yet or provide additional details on Dorothy.