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$769 Million Xcel Project Coming to Hale County

LUBBOCK, TX - Xcel Energy on Tuesday announced plans for wind energy projects in Hale County and Roosevelt County, New Mexico.  Proposals were filed with state regulators in both Texas and New Mexico Tuesday. 

“Xcel Energy projects it can save Texas-New Mexico customers $2.8 billion over a 30-year period,” Xcel said. 

The wind projects were said to someday provide enough electricity to power more than 440,000 typical homes.

“In Hale County, Texas, just north of Lubbock and south of Plainview, Xcel Energy has entered into an agreement to purchase the Hale Wind Project from a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources, LLC,” Xcel said.  “This facility is expected to generate up to 478 megawatts, enough to power about 168,000 homes.”

Xcel said the Hale Wind Project was expected to be in service by the end of 2019 with a total cost of $769 million.

The Sagamore project in Roosevelt County will be capable of generating 522 megawatts, enough to power about 194,000 homes. Xcel said the Sagamore project was expected to be in service by the end of 2020 with a cost of $865 million.

The construction cost was said to be $1.6 billion, but savings over 30 years were thought to be $2.8 billion. 

Xcel said the Hale Wind Project would create 300 construction jobs.  Later it would create between 17 and 22 fulltime jobs.  The turbines will be more than 400 feet tall.

“The fuel for the wind generators – the wind itself – is free of charge, and wind generating technology has come down in cost dramatically,” Xcel said.  “By acting now, Xcel Energy can lock in cost and tax benefits to develop what will be the region’s least expensive generating resource.”


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