LUBBOCK, Texas — Federal prosecutors told a federal judge they need more time to prosecute well-known Lubbock Dentist Jason Paul White for crimes related to child pornography and enticement of a minor.

Federal agents raided White’s home and business in January. He was arrested and later indicted.

“During the course of this investigation, additional victims have contacted law enforcement, and, consequently, the United States anticipates a Superseding Indictment will be forthcoming involving at least eight additional victims spanning the past 23 years,” prosecutors wrote.

Their motion was filed after normal business hours on Wednesday. It specifically requests that a judge declare the case as complex litigation so that normal deadlines do not apply.

If granted, the request would push back a tentative trial date from April 5 to October 26.

The motion provided details as to why prosecutors want more time. Only the cell phone has been examined at length while a number of other electronic devices have not been forensically processed at all.

“So far, over 30,000 images and videos have been briefly reviewed, but there are thousands more to review,” prosecutors wrote.

… at least eight additional victims spanning the past 23 years …


“In fact, upon information and belief, Defendant’s cell phone alone contains approximately 340,000 images and videos, approximately 139,000 text messages, approximately 53,000 emails, and approximately 42,000 items from his social networking applications that need to be thoroughly reviewed.”

Prosecutors also wrote, “To date, law enforcement has located approximately 1,000 sexually explicit videos and pictures of unidentified males and genitalia that will have to be shown to victims to assist in determining what is child pornography or relevant evidence and what is not.”

Just one cloud storage account contained approximately 32GB and was only recently provided to law enforcement, prosecutors said.

The indictment was based on one victim although previous court records made mention of two. The eight additional victims would bring that number to 10.

A federal magistrate ruled in mid-February that White cannot bond out of jail while the criminal charges are pending. White remained locked up Thursday in the Lubbock County Detention Center.