LUBBOCK, Texas — On Sunday, a Lubbock couple was arrested after being caught with stolen credit and debit cards.

Jayda Ham, 30, and Joe Aguilar Jr., 35 were found asleep at a building common for homeless people to sleep and loiter in downtown Lubbock.

The suspects were awakened by responding officers and the suspects identified themselves verbally . The suspects were found with containers and bags. Aguilar told officers that all the items belonged to Ham, but he would take responsibility for any contraband found.

Officers searched the bags and found 10 credit cards and debit cards presumed to be stolen. Lubbock Police were able to identify the eight owners of the credit cards and debit cards. 

The suspects were also found with drugs and drug paraphernalia. The drugs were confirmed to be methamphetamines, according to the police report.

The police report said the couple was also found with multiple rounds of ammunition but a firearm was not located.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Ham and Aguilar were in the custody of the Lubbock County Detention Center. Both suspects had individual bonds totaling more than $20,000.