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911 Calls From Clovis Mass Shooting Released

CLOVIS, NM - On Friday, police in Clovis, New Mexico released audio from 911 calls related to the August 28 mass shooting inside Clovis Carver Public Library. 

Court records said Nathaniel Jouett, 16, killed two people and injured four others.  He was accused of bringing guns and ammunition into the library inside a black bag.  He then began shooting people. 

Court records from late August said, “Nathan began to tell us that he was kind of mad and that was why he did it. He has been mad at everyone since he got kicked out of school last year.”

A dispatcher is heard in the 911 audio saying, “Clovis 911, what is emergency?”

“We have an active shooter at the library,” a caller said in the audio.

“You have an active shooter in the library?” the dispatcher asked.  “Yes we do.”

She asked if anyone had been hit and the answer was yes, “two people.” 

Another 911 caller did not know if anyone had been hit.  That other caller said she was hiding in a closet in her office.  The dispatcher told her to stay put until officers could arrive. 

Jouett has been charged as an adult with two counts of murder and a long list of other charges. 


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