LUBBOCK, Texas — Texas Tech brought the holiday spirit with its 64th Annual Carol of Lights on Friday night. Many said they traveled hundreds of miles to be part of one of Texas Tech University’s oldest and biggest celebrations.

“We live in Roswell, New Mexico, so not too far away about two and a half hours. And both my wife and I went to Texas Tech,” said Wes Belding. “I’ve never actually attended the event as a student. And this is our first time. And so, we’re excited.”

The beloved Carol of Lights also kicked off TTU’s centennial celebration. The university had upgraded lighting, staging, live music and fireworks for the first time.

“Oh, this is like crazy big. With stages everywhere. And this is a bigger deal. Yeah. I’m glad to be a part of it,” said Locke Lansford, who drove in from Dallas.

The tradition had more than 25,000 colorful lights across 13 buildings on campus.

“I’ve got a good friend that used to be in the electrical department, and he told me about how many miles of wire and how many light bulbs and everything. It’s just exciting. It’s ‘Go Tech.’ It’s just exciting to live in Lubbock and be a part of tonight,” Lubbock resident Ray Dunn said.