LUBBOCK, Texas – Lubbock Habitat’s 2022 Blitz Build project ended Friday as they completed their goal of building three houses in just twelve days.

The project started on Labor Day, and this year Habitat had help from across the country. Over sixty members from the Blitz Home Builders assisted in the project, and they got the ball rolling right away to show volunteers how it’s done.

One of the new homeowners, Crystal Craft said it was amazing for her to see the process of her first house going up. “When I came out on Labor Day. There weren’t any walls up. And by 10 o’clock, all the walls on all three houses were up,” she explained.

All of the materials were donated, and Atmos Energy donated as much as $150 thousand to help Habitat build the first zero-net energy homes ever built in Lubbock.

The homes will help with affordable utilities on top of the affordable housing. “I think that’s just an added blessing,” Craft added.

Executive Director for Lubbock Habitat, Christy Reeves said their vision is for everyone in the world to have a decent place to live.

Senator Charles Perry attended Friday’s celebration and said, “The real legacy that you built today through these homes, is they saw a community in action, a community of love. And they’re going to remember that growing up.”

At the end of the ceremony, Habitat announced their first ever Veteran’s Day Build. That will start November 5, and last through November 11. They’re already looking for volunteers, so for more information, visit their website.