A Hairless cat? No, actually a rare hairless opossum in Lubbock going viral

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LUBBOCK, Texas– The South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center has received international attention and an abundance of community support after a rare hairless opossum was dropped off on its doorstep by a concerned citizen.

“This arm comes out of the box and it’s hairless, and I’m like oh my gosh it’s a hairless cat,” said Gail Barnes, executive director of the rehab center. “We come to the back, open [the box] up and it was a hairless opossum.”

The opossum has alopecia, an autoimmune disease causing hair loss and leaving her with the inability to grow proper fur.

“She was very cold we immediately put her in the incubator so we could regulate her body temperature,” said Barnes. “Two days later we had the ice and snow storm so she would not have survived.”

Fortunately, they were able to get the opossum in stable condition and posted to their Facebook page asking for help with a winter wardrobe to make sure this three to four month old creature could keep warm.

 Before they knew it, they were flooded with comments and picked up by national networks who wanted to learn more.

“We have a lot of people all over the United States that have knitted her sweaters” said Barnes. “We have people knitting some right now asking for her weight and dimensions.”

With all of the publicity from national and international networks such as the Today Show, Dodo and the LADbible, Barnes says she may need an agent soon. You can go to the SPWRC website to donate or to locate their address to send more sweaters their way.

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