LUBBOCK, Texas — The Lubbock Police Department spent ARPA Funds on stalker radar trailers, lidar traffic laser units, stramm security towers and a modular barrier system.

The City of Lubbock was given $56 million dollars in ARPA funding and almost a half a million dollars went to the Lubbock Police Department and the rest went dispersed to local business who were recovering from the pandemic, rent relief and the arts.

The department was awarded funding where they then created a wish list which was then submitted to the city and was up to the city to approve or decline.

This is what the police department spent their funding on.

“We ordered for radar trailers 45 LiDAR, or lasers for traffic control and enforcement. We ordered modular barriers for crowd control and safety. And we ordered a two security towers for surveillance.” Lt. Eric Quijada, Lubbock Police Department, said.

Their total spending amount came out to $454,241. LPD explained how each piece of equipment benefits the community.

“With those radar trailers also do is they document through a report that we can pull off that machine, who what was the fastest speed traveled the slowest speed travel and average speed, it also gives us such things as best times to enforce.” Lt. Quijada, said.

They got radar guns to help reduce the driving habits of the public as well as security towers.

“We can put those in certain places and just have a large span of view, and has a camera system that we can zoom in and record and document any crime that’s happening and dispatch officers who were on the ground to that location.” Lt. Quijada, said.

Their last item was a modular barrier for crowd control and the Lubbock Police Department said every penny is worth it to help better our city.