LUBBOCK, Texas — The East Lubbock Community is set to host the first ever Breast Cancer Awareness Walk Saturday at Mae Simmons Park on October 29.

This purpose of the walk is to raise awareness and bring knowledge to the public, including the steps we can take to get ahead of Breast Cancer.

“Be aware, breast cancer is a major killer of all women, not just African American women. So, we want everybody to come out, as well as men,” said Phyllis Gant, Owner of Gant Man Development and organizer of the walk.

According to the American Cancer Society Black women have a higher chance of developing Breast Cancer before the age of 40 than white women.

“You definitely want to keep up with your OB/GYN. Make sure they’re doing your annual tests every year. And if you have any type of questions or suspicions, don’t wait to the last minute to try to get see what’s wrong,” said Tiffany Lilly-Essix, Executive Director of Brittany and Devins Angels and Organizer of walk.

Gant and Essis told that their goal is to be able to help someone locally who’s been diagnosed.

“We’re raising money because there’s a couple of women right now that are in financial crisis situations, and we’re gonna do a drawing so that we can bless that person to help with bills to help with medicine. That’s really the ultimate goal for the funds,” Gant said.

They say the walk is for all ages and no matter your sex, everyone is welcomed.

According to the American Cancer Society, there are more than 3.8 million Breast Cancer survivors in the United States.