PLAINVIEW, Texas – Authorities said 19-year-old Dionelle Pulsingay was taken to the Hale County Jail after she admitted to drinking and driving, which led to the death of a 17-year-old in a fiery crash early Sunday morning.

Plainview police said Pulsingay was driving with two other passengers, both 17-years-old, in an Infiniti. They were traveling southbound on the Interstate 27 west service road when Pulsingay lost control, crossed the median, and rolled over several times.

During that rollover, a 17-year-old passenger was ejected and late pronounced deceased at Covenant Hospital in Plainview. Since both passengers are under 18, the Plainview Police Department declined to release their names.

When officers arrived, they discovered two separate accidents, the other involving a Ford SUV that struck the Infiniti soon after the rollover. That impact then ejected the other 17-year-old passenger, who was immediately flown to Lubbock and was reported to be in serious condition.

While the two passengers were ejected, officers said they believed Pulsingay was wearing her seatbelt. She got out of the vehicle once it caught fire.

She told officers she was driving back from a quinceañera where she had been drinking.

The driver of the Ford SUV, James Majors is a Lubbock native and father of nine. He said in a statement:

“This is a nightmare for everyone involved that we don’t get to wake up from. The vehicles that were destroyed will be replaced and forgotten about. The lives that were changed Sunday morning will never go back to normal. These kids that were injured, killed, and arrested are someone’s babies. I have kids this age. I ask everyone not to set in judgment or state the obvious. Pray for these families. Pray for the driver. Some of our choices do not come with do-overs.”

The investigation is ongoing, and that includes officers looking in to how she was drinking underage. However, Plainview police said Pulsingay could face up to 20 years in prison.