LUBBOCK, Texas Three Lubbock siblings are reuniting at Jones AT&T Stadium on Saturday for Texas Tech’s game against the University of Houston.

Abby and Ashton Hamilton are fraternal twins who attend Texas Tech University and are members of TTU cheer. Abby said she and Ashton were separated for their freshman year but reunited in 2022. She told that her twin brother helped her prepare for tryouts.

“He helped me learn all of the tech materials for tryouts, like the cheers and fight song and all that,” Abby said. She went on to say he and her sibling are very close even though their older brother Cooper is a kicker for the University of Houston Cougars.

Cooper told on Monday it’s exciting to be on the same field as his siblings as well as being back in his hometown of Lubbock.

Cooper was a kicker for Coronado High School, while his sister Abby was a cheerleader. Ashton said he wasn’t involved in cheer in high school, but it was something he shared with his sister Abby since they were 8 years old.

Cooper, Ashton, Abby and their oldest sister Kelly grew up attending Texas Tech games with their parents, who are also Texas Tech graduates. Cooper said playing at the Jones is something he’s dreamed of since he was a kid.

Their mother, Shana Hamilton, told that she and her husband are incredibly supportive of their children. According to Shana, she and her husband made the promise to their children that at least one parent would be in attendance at their games.

She said her husband makes the trip every week to support Cooper while he plays for the University of Houston. Shanna said she would be wearing University of Houston-themed earrings and a TTU purse.

Cooper said his family does give him a bit of a hard time about attending the University of Houston, but they are proud of him for playing for a Divison 1 school.