LUBBOCK, Texas – What started as simple lawn decorations has snowballed into a light show extravaganza for one south Lubbock family. 

The Waagner family have been putting on a light show for everyone to enjoy for the past four years. 

“As a kid, there was a house that was very similar to this that I wanted my parents to take me to every year and I got sad when I had to leave it every year and so as an adult, I tried to recreate that same type of magic,” said Mark Waagner. 

Waagner created “The LBK Light Show,” a fun holiday experience that families can enjoy from the comfort of their own cars. 

“We have 14 cutouts that are mostly Disney characters. That was kind of my vision back when I was a little kid to recreate the Disney characters. Then we have a mega tree that has pixels on it that has all different colors and they just sing to different songs and flash. And that’s a lot of fun for all ages, honestly,” said Waagner.

Families are able to drive up to the house, tune their radios to 93.5 and enjoy the show,

“I tried to add different songs every year. This year, the Disney songs are all new. So if you haven’t seen the Disney show yet, you’ll have to come by and watch that one,” said Waagner. 

Over 100 cars stop by the LBK light show any given weekend. 

“It’s very busy. We almost need some stop lights out here, someone directing traffic. But honestly, everyone’s had the kindest words to say, they’ve written the sweetest notes,” said Waagner.

The Waagner family likes to plan ahead to change up the show each year, but they said the best part is not the show, but the families. 

“My title is Clark Griswold. I love all the screams,  I love watching the kids stand up in the sun roofs of the parents car and just sing along to everything. I love just basically hearing kids’ laughter and adults’ laughter too, if you want to hear that, too,” said Waagner.

The LBK Light Show will be nightly through the month of December from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

You can visit their facebook here for a schedule of their music playlists.