LUBBOCK, Texas — A homecoming proposal for the special needs students at Coronado High School happened on Thursday from the Football team, Pom Squad and Cheerleaders.

This tradition started nine years ago by a former Mustang Football player named Noah Sifrit.

“We were out to dinner one night, we asked him who you’re gonna ask to homecoming, he said, I don’t really have anyone in mind. But there’s a young person that I think would really love it…We just brainstorm and said, We’ll do all all. I think they’re 16 at that time,” Bruce Sifrit, father of Noah, said.

The Sifrit’s said its about the kids and them being involved in the schools.

Almost a decade later Noah’s idea is still a warm-hearted gesture.

“The football team, the cheerleaders, Pom squad all went out and asked, special needs students to go to homecoming and just ask them questions about how their weeks been and then if they’re going to the game,” John Curry, senior football player, said.

The teams made Mums and passed out red carnations.

“communities that don’t normally touch finally, like coming together and just being like a school like just togetherness and happy and I feel like for me if I was them, it would just be like so special like you like finally receiving something that like otherwise you don’t know if you’d get,” Jayce Guerra, senior cheerleader, said.

The Sifrit’s hope that this carries on and spreads to other schools.

“It brings the whole school together makes everybody feel happy. And I mean, we need that in the world right now. And so we’re very proud of him,” Julie Sifrit, mother of Noah, said.

Curry said at the end of the day, “I can just tell by their faces that they feel great about it. It’s just a joy that I’ve never seen in people before.”