LUBBOCK, Texas — A new Airbnb in South Lubbock, named “The Betty” has been welcoming guest for two months and is inspired by Betty White.

The idea for The Betty, Airbnb home, was just left as a dream for years until two best friends came together and made dreams come true.

“We bought this as our second home too. So those visiting Lubbock, Texas have a place to stay overnight for the weekend. Or maybe it is someone local to Lubbock that needs a place for a girl’s night or just a night away and a special place to go,” Katie Schafer & Courtney Henson, faces behind the Betty, said.

The two said they choose to make the Betty White inspired home was because they are strong independent women.

“We wanted to name this property and any other future properties after strong women, and we feel like Betty White is that she is the golden girl she’s an inspiration. She’s loved and cherished by all and so she just felt like the right fit for this home,” Schafer & Henson, said.

While touring The Betty you’ll feel right at home of Betty White, almost as if you were related to her.

“Because these pictures definitely feel like we’re having a family reunion at Betty slice. And that’s kind of like what we wanted it to feel like, but we want it because we want it to feel comfortable. We want people to be cozy here,” Schafer & Henson, said.

The two owners are excited for what’s to come from The Betty as it only took them about 30 days to remodel and they hope to bring more properties like this to the Hub City.

“…we want it we want to grow in that aspect. And we want to bring this same fun vibe to other homes and properties. Book, the Betty do it,” Schafer & Henson said.

Keep up with The Betty on Facebook here. To book a stay, click here.