LUBBOCK, Texas – Scorching temperatures means people have been blasting their A/C this season, but some companies say you can expect price increases in services and even scams. 

Shauna Brown, owner of On the Double Heating and Cooling says they have experienced a price increase in supplies and equipment they buy that’s up to six times the normal amount. “Historically, we would have a small increase annually which was normal, that’s very normal across all industries. But we’ve seen a drastic, drastic increase and they’re not small increases, they’re anywhere from 5 to 8% increase on the cost of the equipment each time.”

Brown says they’ve experienced customers not able to ask for the same services they’ve asked for before, “We’re just finding that people aren’t able to replace units often and so we’re trying to do everything we can to repair and keep their systems going as long as possible until they absolutely have to replace their systems.”

Brown says they are working to adjust their prices to meet costs of supplies while also remaining affordable for customers. 

James Russell, Owner of Aire Serv Lubbock says some companies have been using the price increases to their advantage.

“There’s a sales tactic in the HVAC industry that some companies employ where they’ll go out and they’re trying to find sales numbers. They’re trying to bring in revenue from the sales side of equipment and they’ll go out there and say, ‘Oh, this parts on backorder, or this parts obsolete or they don’t make this part anymore’, and then they’ll try to hard sell you a new unit and that’s what I don’t agree with,” said Russell. 

To avoid scams when it comes to getting your AC serviced, Brown and Russell recommends finding someone reputable. 

“It’s really hot, a lot of units are going down. If you’re going to call an AC company, make sure you’re calling someone who’s reputable. Somebody who has good references and someone who is going to show up when they say they’re going to show up and do what they say they’re going to do,” said Russell. 

“You need to find someone who can educate you about that purchase and who will take the time to really look thoroughly and to find what’s going on with your specific scenario to offer you solutions for that,” said Brown. 

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