LUBBOCK, Texas— The Lubbock location of adult store “Adam & Eve” suffered multiple thefts in the last year.

Store manager, D’Raye Rodriguez, told “Adam & Eve” has been shoplifted several times each month since 2021. In one particular month, the business had five thefts.

To help catch the suspects, Rodriguez has posted photos of the suspects in the Facebook group “Operation Crime Watch Lubbock.”

Rodriguez told once the merchandise is recovered, she will remove the posts from Facebook.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the posts that remained on “Operation Crime Watch” the suspects have not been located.

Rodriguez has encouraged employees to not confront shoplifters to ensure their safety. She has utilized the Lubbock Police Department and “Operation Crime Watch Lubbock” to help find suspects.

According to Rodriguez, some suspects have came back to the store to pay for what they stole. In these cases, the store has accepted the payment and told them they are no longer welcomed in the store. asked Rodriguez what the most stolen item is from the store. Her response was, “Definitely anal plugs.”