LUBBOCK, Texas — The Regional Monument of Courage is hosted a fundraiser dinner on Thursday to help bring awareness to veteran suicide and Post Traumatic Stress (PTS).

“We’ll be embracing our Vietnam Veterans…” Danny Koch, member of the Friends of The Monument of Courage, said.

Lubbock County lost four veterans to suicide in the last two to three months, Koch said.

Koch said in the Vietnam community, almost half of the 17 to 20 Veterans that died by suicide are Vietnam vets.

“I think a lot of is just the timing that these Vietnam vets came home, they were successful, they started families, they once they slowed down and retired, those memories came back. So the recent wars have ended. But the nightmares of war have not ended,” Koch said.

Steve Oien, Commander of chapter 0900 Military Order of the Purple Heart of the South Plains of Texas, said events like these take a weight off their shoulders.

“We can meet one another, welcome each other home, talk about our experiences, and hopefully, if they are not in a veteran organization that we can convince them to join and take the time to come out and meet with us,” Oien said.

He said its to remind the community that there are veterans who are struggling with the emotions of combat and service.

“We’ll continue to tell the stories of our heroes will tell the stories of our current military and remind Americans that they’re still military and families that are ever soldier in war or close to war,” Koch said.

If you’d like to donate you can visit the Monument of Courage website here.