LUBBOCK, Texas — Alexander May was found guilty by a Lubbock jury on Friday for the 2017 deadly wrong-way crash that killed Jonathan Pesqueda, 18.

May’s vehicle was seen in surveillance footage of the Science Spectrum driving 88 mph west in the eastbound lane on August 3.

At the time, a crash report as well as Lubbock police said alcohol was a factor in the crash. May had a blood alcohol level of 0.232, nearly three times the legal limit of 0.08.

Although authorities believed he had been barhopping on Broadway, they “did not find enough evidence to penalize those locations for over-serving the suspect in this case.”

On Tuesday, May’s defense team argued, “This isn’t a clear-cut case.” 

Cocaine was also found in May’s vehicle on the day of the crash, another factor that made it hard to determine whether the bars were to blame. 

In a court on Friday, prosecutors urged a jury to “Look at the evidence as a whole…”

“Without the collision with that truck, he [Jonathan Pesqueda] would not have died that night…” prosecutor Mandy Say said. “He [Alexander May] turned that Tacoma into a deadly weapon.”

The jury was out for deliberation at 11:11 a.m. Friday, and returned a verdict just over half an hour later, finding May guilty.

Sentencing will be decided soon by the same jury. May could face up to 20 years in prison.