LUBBOCK, Texas — The Amazon facilities in the South Plains have been up and running since September 2021.

Amazon has provided economic growth with more than 300 job opportunities.

“It helps bring notoriety to Lubbock, and encourage others to look at Lubbock as they continue to grow and expand their operations. John Osborne, President and CEO of Lubbock Economic Development Alliance, said.

Osborne also said Amazon did not receive incentive by coming to town.

“…And all of that produces economic activity and they’ve got people that are hired that are living here in our community in the surrounding areas. And that’s fantastic from an aspect of helping bring more economic activity to our community.” Osborne said.

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Osborne and big companies like Amazon know that by being in the Hub City, many surrounding small towns would travel to get their goods.

“Having additional distribution in your community brings about lots of opportunities for more retail to be here for our residents that are buying directly from that distribution center to be able to get their product more easily and more quickly.” Osborne said.

Osborne is not worried of what’s to come in the next 5-20 years for the South Plains.

“We are really primed to grow in population. In fact, most people predict that we will double in population between now and 2045. And so with that population growth, obviously there’s a lot of companies that need that kind of workforce, and that’ll want to be here. And so we continue to be in a great position to encourage those companies to to continue growing here in our community, and also to locate new operations here as well,” Osborne said.