LUBBOCK, Texas — A judge Wednesday morning sentenced Kethan Anderson, 42, to 50 years in prison for murder.

In November 2018, the Lubbock Police Department investigated skeletal remains in the backyard of a vacant house in the 2100 block of 20th Street.

The Lubbock County Medical Examiner’s Office later identified the victim as Richard Bradley Richards, 51.

Anderson, age 38 at the time, and Anna Smith, 34, (age 31 at the time), were arrested for murder. Anderson was arrested in December 2018 in Hereford, while Smith was arrested in Burleson.

“Anna Ruth Smith, Kethan Lee Anderson and the victim were all homeless,” an arrest warrant said. “Anderson has bragged to numerous people since this incident occurred about choking a man and killing him in a back yard.”

Kethan Anderson and Anna Smith mugs 720
Images of Kethan Anderson and Anna Smith from Lubbock Co. Detention Center

“Smith stated that she had caught the victim exposing himself over her while she had been asleep,” the warrant said. At first, they left. But then they returned, according to the warrant. Smith helped hold down Richards while Anderson strangled him, according to the warrant.

Smith remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center as of Wednesday for both murder and for a “mental commitment.”

Anderson pleaded guilty to murder in October but went to court this week for sentencing. After testimony on Tuesday and Wednesday, a judge rendered the verdict on punishment.