LUBBOCK, Texas– An Anton man was arrested, and his bond was set at $35,000 Wednesday after an arrest warrant said he abused his girlfriend’s child in February.

At approximately 4:30 p.m., Christian Lee Lykins, 20, got out of work and went with his girlfriend and child to her mother’s house on February 1, the warrant said.

At that time, his girlfriend and her mother said they were going to the store to run errands, and they left Lykins with the child because she was asleep.

Then, at approximately 8:00 or 9:00 p.m., Lykins’ girlfriend and her mother showed back up to find the child crying, the warrant said.

The child had several scratches on her face and a bruise on her right ear.

When Lykins’ girlfriend confronted him about the child’s face, he said she fell off the bed.

Lykins’ girlfriend then told investigators she got angry, hit him and kicked him out of her mother’s home, the warrant said. She also told investigators they had only been dating for three months.

After Lykins agreed to meet with investigators, he told a different story.

According to the warrant, Lykins said the child woke up crying because she pooped herself and that he did not want to change her diaper. He said he took the child to the shower to try and wash the poop off.

Then, Lykins said the child kept crying, and he threw her on the bed. Furthermore, he said he threw a backpack at her. But when the child did not stop crying, he said he hit her openhanded one time.

Lykins said he “felt bad” and wrapped up the child before lying her down, the warrant said.

He remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center Thursday on a charge of injury to a child.